In early times we mainly manufactured semi-finished collated screw belts for Taiwanese industry peers and collaborated with them to sell to Japan and overseas markets. As a result, we have accumulated a wide knowledge and the expertise in the operation and development of various collated screws and screw guns.
Considering the decreasing demand for belt-type collated screws and their possible inconvenience & disadvantages in use, we began to dedicate ourselves to the R&D of coil-type collated screw guns two years ago and hope to introduce more feasible, usable, and durable products to global customers. With such a commitment, Even Long International Co., Ltd. was born.
Self-developed patented mechanism installed on screw guns integrated with electrical systems to achieve the best operating performance
Could fit with specifications of existing coil-type collated screw belts
One strip of coil-type collated screw belt can be assembled with 100 pcs of screws, 8 times the efficiency of separate installation piece by piece
Prices more competitive than other similar screw guns currently sold in the Japanese market
Coil-type collated screw belts are produced by high-speed stamping and are assembled with screws by fully automatic assembly machines. Compared to belt-type collated screw belts, which are usually produced through injection and are gradually eliminated from the market, we can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost by up to 30%.
Lightweight and easy to use and operate
Highly suitable to be used on wooden constructions, interior refurbishment, or other applications where quick assembly of a large quantity of screws in advanced countries including Europe, USA, and Japan are necessary.
Basing ourselves in Taiwan and eyeing on the global market, Even Long specialized in various screw guns mostly demanded in the construction industry. With the idea and spirit of developing the most easy-to-use, durable, and practical screw guns for customers industrywide, our team is making every effort to refine and improve the details of products and is working really hard to make the quality of screw gun design better. Being optimistic to the future application of screw guns in the global construction industry, we also hope to tap into the wooden construction & interior refurbishment screw assembly markets in Europe, USA, Canada, and Japan and make customers experience the newest generation of screw gun quality and design.
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